Transforming product development at a modern media company

KPMG supported the client's IT organization’s Agile transformation using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to significantly reduce delivery times.

A Fortune 100 media company
Scaled Agile IT transformation


When executive leadership makes a decision to transform an operating model, the success hinges upon the execution by leaders and team members of the impacted organizations. There can be tremendous pressure and often little room for error. 

Our client was faced with this kind of challenge, while also having limited to no internal expertise with the new delivery model. Using our in-depth knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), we partnered with the client sucessfully to introduce the SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) process.

  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach

Client challenge

This client’s product marketing organization was seeking to reduce the company's 12-18 month initiation-to-delivery product development time. To do so, the business solutions product team needed consultants experienced in development transformations and familiar with the organization’s culture and processes to help them:

  • better understand the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodology and inherent risks from the subject matter expert
  • identify risks/weaknesses for newly established SAFe methodology and establish controls and governance steps.


Benefits to client

The client is successfully operating SAFe processes with end-to-end impact of project initiation / funding through delivery / day 2 operations acceptance.  Further, SAFe is being adopted as the standard operating model in all organizations involved in product development: Capital Finance, Operations, Product Marketing, QA / Testing. 

Since engaging with KPMG, the client has launched four Agile release trains (ARTs). Value delivery identified trains are delivering incremental value and providing unprecedented transparency to the organization. Delivery times are down from 18 months to 3-6 months.



To help this client, KPMG:

  • hosted multiple Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) training classes (for the certification) and coaching sessions for the client personnel
  • provided overview of SAFe risk comparison with the traditional waterfall SDLC and helped identify risks and weaknesses within the product leadership team; and established a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) governance organization
  • analyzed current organizational structure and provided feedback on how to recreate teams to align to SAFe in the Agile Release Train / Solutions Train (ART) structure
  • established financial reporting metrics to align with SAFe processes
  • developed status reports of the progress of the ARTs and LPM to plan for the next Program Increment and future-year roadmap.


For this client, KPMG was a trusted partner, knowlegeable in telecommunications PMO/PM processes, product development organization, and SAFe methods.