Assessing the modern delivery capabilities of a B2B supply company

KPMG helped the company 's leaders understand the current state of their IT organization and create a road map for adopting Agile practices across the business.

A publicly traded B2B supplier
Building and Construction
Modern IT assessment


Our client, a large publicly traded supplier to businesses in the maintenance, repair and operations and specialty construction market segment, had recently been divested from a larger business and was in the process of consolidating a multi-location footprint in order to increase speed to market. As part of the transformation, organizational leadership understood the need to transform their legacy IT operating model in order to meet new demands of customers and the organization. Our modern assessment was critical to identify the state of their IT organization and to create a framework to move forward through a waved approach. 

  • Client challenge
  • Benefits to client
  • Approach

Client challenge

  • The client's IT organization was operating in a waterfall environment with a desire to move towards Agile.
  • There was a lack of processes and governance across IT and the program management office (PMO) leading to ad hoc methods and results.
  • Resources were undertrained in Agile practices, and the business did not understand how to work with IT in the Agile environment.
  • Development teams were "always behind", and they consistently spent nights and weekends trying to get back on track. 

Benefits to client

After completing the assessment and pilot phase, this client is well set up to continue phased rollout. They have:

  • an understanding of organizational barriers that could slow or stop rollout
  • a framework to scale Agile within IT and a road map to adopt across the business
  • Agile training for executive, IT leadership, and IT team members
  • increased transparency for the work accomplished by the IT team, with  a better mechanism to forecast and communicate work to the business
  • a way forward for finance and accounting to capitalize Agile development efforts.


KPMG's assessment of the client's IT organization included actions to:

  • observe and assess the organization to identify barriers for Agile adoption
  • train a subset of the organization on the building blocks of Agile
  • coach to increase project efficiency and effectiveness of pilot teams
  • guide leadership on overcoming gaps and blockers to implement Agile practices across the enterprise.


We understand that becoming a modern and agile organization requires more than identifying a set of frameworks and training your stakeholders. Understanding how to identify, tailor, and implement the leading practices gleaned from various frameworks takes a trusted advisor with experience managing organizational change.  We bring a cross-functional team with various backgrounds to help our clients identify and remove the blockers required to make real change stick, both inside and outside of the IT organization.