IT modernization supports growing investment firm

KPMG helped the company migrate to a new data center, a new operating system and a new secure network infrastructure on a tight timeline.

An investment management firm
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IT infrastructure transformation
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Client challenge

This investment management company was experiencing such significant growth that its IT infrastructure struggled to keep pace. Its primary data center was outdated, running out of space and power, and not sufficiently reliable. The client had already built a new data hosting facility and a private cloud infrastructure, but needed support managing the migration to the new center, modernizing a number of its infrastructure platforms, and redesigning its security network— all while meeting tight deadlines for evacuating the legacy data center and updating its operating systems.

Benefits to client

KPMG LLP (KPMG) helped the client successfully migrate its computing environment to a new data center on time. Meeting the tight deadline enabled the firm to avoid costly datacenter lease and support contract extensions with its vendors that would have been enforced if the legacy data center had not been evacuated on time and if the old operating system had required an extended support agreement.

In addition, the firm enhanced its data-recovery capabilities by moving to a more resilient hosting facility and technology platform and mitigated the risk inherent in an older facility that lacked adequate power and cooling capabilities.


Facing critical transitions to a new data center, a new operating system and a new secure network infrastructure, this investment management firm called KPMG LLP to help them navigate through what could be perilous waters. We were hired to assess the current IT infrastructure, develop migration strategies and plans, coordinate and schedule migrations, and support upgrades to the latest operating systems while minimizing the impact to day-to-day business.

We coordinated workload migrations, including moving servers and other equipment, as well as network cut-overs. We worked closely with the IT group to understand the individual needs of different business units and then partnered with them to rebuild, decommission, or develop alternate risk-mitigation plans for servers affected by an end-of-life operating system.

A deep experience in data center migrations, project management, leading practices, stakeholder engagement, communications, and risk management helped ensure a successful project and a happy client.

KPMG insights

Invest time at the beginning

Engage senior leaders and get their buy-in early. Understand what changes need to be made and the constraints that might slow the process. Then design the best migration path. Create a governance body to prioritize competing demands.

It is not just about equipment

Migrating to a new data center involves much more than moving and installing equipment. It is critical for organizations to fully understand how the new environment will be operated and supported once the migration is complete and then communicate clearly to stakeholders and end users.

Manage the financials well

Create a formal financial management process and name a finance leader who serves on the core team. Help that issues such as taxes, facilities, and real estate are understood well at the beginning of the process and then track spending and return on investment.

Leverging our deep experience in data center migrations and project management, we helped this client move quickly to avoid costly lease and support contract extensions.