Digital enablement impacts HVAC sales

KPMG's guided selling app for Trane helped the company create a consistent sales process, improve customer experience, and increase sales and profit margins.

Trane, HVAC manufacturer
Consumer and retail
Mobile app development for sales enablement


KPMG developed an application for HVAC manufacturer Trane to improve dealer and customer experiences. A digital app subtly guides users through the complex process of identifying needs and purchasing climate control systems and components — even when they aren't connected to the internet. As a result, sales and profit margins have increased significantly.

Selecting a device isn't a strategy

Trane gets only one shot to sell a homeowner an HVAC system and doesn’t even get to do it itself. Trane was selling through a dealer network that was challenged to deliver consistent messages about the quality and value of expensive products.

A guided selling application for dealers improves the customer's experience and provides a consistent sales process

KPMG's team conducted careful consumer research and persona development, and worked to understand Trane’s underlying issues. With that knowledge, the team recommended, designed and built Trane MAP. This unique iPad-based, guided selling application has empowered Trane's dealers and led to significant increases in revenue and margin for Trane. Trane MAP is now the backbone of the company’s digital engagement strategy.


KPMG Digital Trane MAP sales enablement iPad app

It's about the connection with customers and understanding their needs.
Josh Smith, project technical lead for KPMG