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KPMG worked with 343 Industries to develop and build real-time data mapping for better Halo player experiences.

343 Industries
Media and entertainment
Web and second screen experience design


Halo is an award-winning, multi-billion-dollar video game franchise owned jointly by Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries. KPMG US acquired Cynergy in 2013, the user-experience business that worked with Halo to evolve, design and build their web and second-screen experiences. The fruits of our relationship were recognized as an ‘Outstanding Achievement in Connectivity’ by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in 2013.

Obviously a business that gets to advise the makers of Halo on cross-platform user experiences clearly knows its technology. But as always, there is a big business angle to our work too. By creating an evolving platform for multi-player experiences, we helped boost revenue from a highly prized franchise, a jewel in the Xbox crown.

Our work helped Halo get recognized for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Connectivity’ by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.


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