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Procurement maturity assessments can improve spend management and productivity.


Procurement organizations are facing challenges today unlike any in the past.  The supply chain is a “Board level” topic now which presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate the return on an investment in procurement excellence.   Regardless of where you are on the journey to procurement excellence, an assessment will help you underscore your progress thus far and chart a road-map of opportunities to take you to the next level. 

The benefits

  • Bottom Line Value: Leading procurement functions can drive superior performance levels when compared to organizations with average maturity.  Typical results from the journey to excellence include better spend management, improved transactional efficiency, and enhanced productivity.  Increased value realization starts with understanding your current maturity and developing a plan to reach higher.
  • Optimizing Efficiency and Effectiveness: “Structure follows strategy” and our diagnostics will help to design a procurement function that is fit for purpose to meet   your mission and objectives.
  • Knowing Your Path: A thorough assessment gives companies the ability to identify capability levels, compare those to leading practices, and determine opportunities, investments, and an overall road-map toward Procurement excellence. 

How KPMG can help

KPMG has developed a robust methodology and toolkit that helps provide a thorough assessment based on leading practices. Our assessment will analyze each element of your procurement function and helps develop a road-map of improvement opportunities.

  • Procurement Maturity Assessment: Rapid and holistic evaluation of the maturity of your procurement function supported by interviews, comparator assessments, and benchmarks.
  • Spend Analysis: Focuses on quickly identifying and validating data sources, working with stakeholders to structure the spend cube, and generating actionable analysis that can identify opportunities across categories of spend.
  • Organizational Diagnostics: Evaluation of your operating model and recommendations to optimize the organization to align with your enterprise and procurement goals.



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