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A holistic, cross-functional approach.

The Contract Performance Management service utilizes a holistic, cross-functional approach to help provide real-time visibility into where contract value leakage is occurring, and what steps can be taken to correct it.


Value leakage identification

Increased visibility is provided into complex outsourcing deals, delivering objective data assessments on how third-party partners are performing, and helping to enable the specific actions that can help you maintain value.

Technology-enabled governance

Contract Performance Management wields intelligent process automation capabilities with services from some of the leading providers in outsourcing governance to help you streamline and simplify contract governance.  

Increased transparency into deliverables

Contract Performance Management is designed to provide automated, real-time deliverable tracking across multiple vendors, a critical step towards effective outsourcing governance.


Keep outsourcing arrangements on track

While the trend toward outsourcing has brought benefits such as cost savings and speed to market, it has also brought considerable risks. Chief among them: value leakage—the expected efficiency, cost-savings or productivity that your providers are failing to deliver. KPMG’s Contract Performance Management provides visibility into outsourcing relationships and measures performance against agreements, while helping enable the actions that allow you to capture the value you signed up for.


Features and focus

Understand performance, prevent loss

Performance and financial value loss results from insufficient governance and lack of an internal value tracking capability. When these situations are allowed to go unchecked, organizations undergo financial damage, and often do so without any awareness of the problem.  Contract Performance Management analyzes third-party performance for agreement compliance and tracks the value your organization is receiving. When deciding whether to renew or end an agreement, insight into value performance is essential in preventing loss.

Features and benefits

When performance tracking and reporting capabilities combine with direct access to KPMG’s specialized knowledge, you’ll have data driven insights into the third-parties under contract and how they’re delivering against the agreed terms.

Key benefits:

  • Visibility into broad aspects of contractual relationships
  • Transparency and accountability throughout the contract lifecycle
  • Ability to help mitigate value leakage enabling you to recover payouts and credits
  • Streamlined and consistent contract administration across multiple providers


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Introducing Contract Performance Management

Increased complexity and risk means outsourcing initiatives often fail to meet expectations. See how Contract Performance Management can help.

Infographic: Are you getting what you expect from your outsourcing portfolio?

Download the infographic to see how Contract Performance Management helps you identify and fix value leakage.

CPM Datasheet

Download the datasheet to learn more about KPMG's Contract Performance Management.

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