Securing the Oracle ERP

How do organizations effectively and efficiently balance cloud ERP user enablement with transaction and data protection?

KPMG's approach to on-premise and Oracle ERP security and controls

Securing the ERP is a 360-degree view of ERP security and controls to help organizations effectively balance the divergent tasks of ERP business users while protecting sensitive data and transactions. Our Securing the ERP portfolio of services supports Oracle Cloud, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edward.

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Points of view from KPMG advisors and clients

KPMG securing the cloud ERP

KPMG can help an organization better leverage Oracle Cloud ERP to transform business with simultaneously mitigating risk and complying with industry regulations.

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Segregation of duties

KPMG can help an organization harness the benefits of Cloud ERP while proactively mitigating against inherent risks. 

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Archer Daniels Midland Company

Archer Daniels Midland Company discusses working with KPMG on a global design and deployment of Oracle Security and Controls.

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Service Corporation International

SCI talks about working with KPMG on a Oracle Cloud Financials Implementation and Oracle Risk Management Cloud program design.

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ERP cloud security

Nick Seeman, Director of Security Controls at KPMG, gives guidance on security when it comes to moving operational and financial data to the cloud.

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Oracle Cloud ERP

KPMG’s Securing the Cloud ERP framework hones in on the 5 key focus areas, ensuring transactional integrity of Cloud ERP transactions.

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