Executive and Board

As top leaders plan for future growth, they must have an effective strategy to seize opportunities and steer through the evolving challenges and risks.

We’re by your side all the way. These efforts require the smooth coordination of a skilled workforce, a modern business model, data-supported insights, and sophisticated risk management.

Areas that present special challenges, as well as opportunities, include:

Growth and value creation: To drive organizational growth and long-term value, leaders must have a vision of where the strategic opportunities lie and how to execute to achieve desired outcomes. They must also have a clear view of the factors driving top line and EBITDA growth, and any risks that may limit success. 

Portfolio strategy: To be confident the existing corporate portfolio is aligned with the business strategy—and to be rewarded by the capital markets for their decisions—top management must continuously assess opportunities and their current asset mix to know that their organization is the best possible owner of those assets.

Digital strategy: Increasingly, technology is recognized as more than the organization’s electronic plumbing – it is a strategic consideration that drives organizational value through delivery of services and products, and customer experience. Modern organizations understand the importance of a digitally capable workforce and culture. So do we. We know how to get the best out of technology.

Enterprise risk: In the face of global and evolving risks of all kinds, modern organizations need to detect risks as they emerge. To enhance organizational resilience and secure the trust of stakeholders, leaders must adopt dynamic new approaches to risk and regulation powered for the digital era.

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Ron Walker

Ron Walker

Finance Transformation Service Network Lead, KPMG US