Transformation delivery

KPMG Transformation Delivery brings an integrated, human-centered approach to major projects, with an ultimate focus on a painless transformation journey and successful outcomes.


Emerging technologies such as 5G, automation, AI, and blockchain—along with new ways of working, are driving digital transformation.

To build a future-ready foundation based on modern technology, companies must transform their business models, organizational structures, and operations.

Companies undertaking the transformation journey begin with ambitious goals and the best of intentions. But inevitably, there are obstacles along the way.

Our Transformation Delivery team anticipates those obstacles, providing support to tackle the toughest challenges and unlock the full value of this critically important initiative.

KPMG portfolio, program and project management support uses an integrated methodology featuring our value management capability, which sustains value from transformation initiatives using an evidence-based, outcomes-oriented approach.

Our change management services drive business outcomes and mitigate risk by supporting the change journeys and experiences of employees and leaders. We bring a human-centered approach, digital platforms and experiential sessions to create personalized change journeys.

Our design group is dedicated to creating innovative, modern experiences. We meet disruption head-on with solutions that connect people to purpose, motivating users and unlocking value for the organization.

Transformation integrity is a structured but flexible, strategic risk management approach that supports implementation of complex, high-value transformations.

By building on core strengths and introducing new ways of thinking and working, a carefully planned and executed transformation can change a company’s future. 

With our broad experience, KPMG can help you avoid the common pitfalls of transformation programs with practical steps and proven capabilities.

Our people

Tim Phelps

Tim Phelps

Principal, Transformation Delivery Leader, KPMG US