Total product cost and profitability

Better visibility into product/service cost and margins


KPMG can help you examine and improve each dimension of the business that impacts cash production, costs, and working capital, resulting in better financial performance and enhanced positioning to seize opportunity in response to market conditions.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Better cash visibility throughout the organization
  • Better alignment of cash, cost, and working capital strategies to business and operational goals
  • Appropriate business metrics around cash, cost, and working capital that drive desired results
  • Improved working capital
  • Decrease days sales outstanding
  • Decrease days inventory outstanding
  • Increase days payable outstanding

We bring a distinct “profitable growth” point of view to define margin and cost requirements that enable margin reporting by leveraging analytic tools and data to enrich the value of cost information. The resulting information provides management visibility into how strategic and tactical decisions impact profitability across products, customers, and global markets.

Our people

Ralph Canter

Ralph Canter

Managing Director, Finance Transformation, KPMG US