Workplace technology and collaboration

Create a great workplace experience by leveraging KPMG's comprehensive set of capabilities to bring people, facilities, and technologies together.

Workplace technology best describes the group of technical capabilities integrated to deliver desired user experiences that enable the workforce – in an office, at home, or on the move.  We help leading client organizations use technology to improve collaboration and innovation, increase talent acquisition and retention, and drive greater bottom-line impact.

The evolution of workplace technology is about more than the migration from one platform to another it is about changing user experience and perception – our breadth of capabilities and experience driven approach differentiate us in the market.

The new “Workplace of the Future” is driven by three primary factors:


Where, how, and the speed at which work is performed is dictated by new technologies that enable companies to shift to a more agile office space.

Key trends include:

  • Workforce consumerization
  • The "new" office space
  • The virtual office
  • The smart office


The change in both consumer and employee demographics is creating demand for a better user experience which enhances how employees perform.

Key drivers include:

  • The shift from baby boomers to millennials (i.e. the largest age group entering the workforce)
  • The increased focus on mobility, connectivity, and collaboration


Industry and VC investments are expediting the pace at which newer and more dynamic solutions enter the marketplace.

Notable investments areas include:

  • Social business & collaboration platforms
  • New communication & videoconferencing solutions
  • IoT & AI could futher disrupt the workplace landscape


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