Cloud strategy and transformation services

Take a holistic, structured approach to design, integration, and cloud operations to increase agility and reduce costs.

Disruptive technologies like cloud are changing everything with a paradigm shift to on-demand hyper-scale computing services. Most organizations are using or exploring cloud technologies; however, many struggle to optimally move to and run on cloud platforms. Simply plugging into the cloud will not generate value nor enable market speed. The IT function must think and work differently and have a reliable, secure and flexible cloud ecosystem to accelerate successful business outcomes. 

KPMG's experienced advisors can help you develop and execute your best cloud solutions to reap both effectiveness and efficiency rewards. Journeys in the cloud include:

Cloud strategy and planning

Key decisions on how your company should leverage cloud are made as you envision and prepare.  You'll define expectations for benefits, align with greater organizational objectives and imagine a more cloud-enabled future. Our cloud strategy approach leverages leading insight and fosters collaboration between business and IT teams to deliver a cohesive strategy. 

Change management and planning, too, are important elements of our services. Once your vision is established, it and the value of cloud initiatives must be clearly articulated and well socialized among all parties affected. Leaders and influencers must engage and support change. Further, to enable a sustainable and successful cloud program, the cloud provider must be carefully selected. 

Cloud transformation

Migrating to the cloud involves modifying, enhancing, and moving an organization’s applications, ranging in complexity, purpose, and criticality, from on-premise or co-located hardware. This is the most technical, time-intensive, and resource-intensive part of a journey. To transform is to execute your modernized target IT operating model. KPMG embedded support can help you carry out and manage this important work.  

Cloud optimization

Cloud truly becomes a differentiating business capability, available to your entire organization, when you optimize. Our advisors work with you through the organizational, operational, and governance challenges associated with managing and expanding cloud capabilities. Giving enterprise leaders and innovators the confidence, visibility, and skillsets they need to utilize the cloud at scale throughout the organization includes architectures, services, tools, and principles, as well as fulfillment processes and mechanisms to support large scale innovation.

Cloud protection and governance

Cloud adoption and transformation commonly involve using third-party suppliers and collecting, storing, and transacting user data across geographic and political boundaries. Transformation and benefits realization mean you must also evolve your security, risk, and compliance capabilities. To protect and govern is foundational. Before you implement a move to the cloud, we'll help you develop a risk- and value-driven cloud security model that addresses critical data architecture and infrastructure considerations. 


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Cloud insights from KPMG

Almost complete cloud cover

While it is probably now a misnomer to consider cloud as an "emerging" technology, the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2019 revealed that the scope of cloud, and its range of application areas, continues to grow, and there is no indication that it will stop. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of organizations feel more confident in their use of cloud technologies than at any point in the previous three years.