IT organization design

Drive value to the business by optimizing IT’s performance and integrating technology teams throughout the organizational structure.

Traditionally, IT played a supportive role in the business by managing back-office technologies, but with constant digital disruption and transformation, IT has integrated with the middle and front offices to become the driving source of the business. Utilizing emerging technologies, IT not only improves the end customer’s experience but also enhances internal functions by implementing advanced solutions, mitigating risks and optimizing performance.

IT’s digital transformation

Before the organization can undergo digital transformation, IT must lead the charge by creating an IT operating model that offers a complete ecosystem, spanning strategy, architecture, digital delivery, external partners, innovation and talent management. By aligning these elements, IT delivers a connected enterprise that integrates business with technology teams and empowers the enterprise to meet evolving customer demands.

The right mix to accelerate transformation

KPMG’s IT Organizational Design services help you define your IT organization’s target operating model with the appropriate onshore and offshore resources. Our enhanced methodologies and acceleration tools will enable a fast and effective transformation and help create frictionless internal and external processes, while also addressing global challenges in the marketplace, including rising costs, location management and organizational structure.

We’ll help you advance your business tomorrow by facilitating a successful digital transformation today, starting with your IT organizational design.

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