IT integration and separation management

Successful M&A due diligence requires an IT assessment to mitigate risks, secure true value and seize strategic opportunities.

With IT integrated into the overall business strategy, successful mergers and acquisition (M&A) due diligence is no longer limited to financial and operational efforts. Data security and privacy risks, as well as increased regulatory attention are key factors in a M&A or separation deal, and due diligence on digital assets must be completed in order to maintain compliance, increase market share and safeguard the company against reputational risks.

KPMG's Separation, Merger, and Acquisition – Addressing IT service helps companies assess the IT component of the merger, acquisition or divestiture, and identify potential issues and risks that may affect the value of a M&A deal. From evaluations of the technology architecture and internal controls to compliance programs and enhanced technology integration, our professionals help you understand the current IT environment. We’ll also identify areas that may provide value and synergistic opportunities and deliver an IT due diligence and transaction strategy through separation or divestiture execution.

Today’s ever-evolving marketplace challenges the business to keep pace, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) provide opportunities for strategic growth through the integration of services. However, companies must prioritize IT due diligence, and KPMG's Separation, Merger, and Acquisition – Addressing IT service can help by evaluating the digital risks, assessing true value and ultimately, facilitating a profitable M&A deal. 

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