Modernizing IT asset management

Reduce spending and risk, and boost the business’ bottom line through digital investment and experimental development.

Now in the driver’s seat, IT asset management (ITAM) provides measurable value to the business strategy through end-to-end integration. Powered by cloud, automation and advanced analytics solutions, IT thrives through open collaboration, experimental development and digital investments, and provides the tools and innovation necessary to forward the business.

With a holistic approach, the chief information officer (CIO) can help the business gain a competitive edge through IT asset management by embracing an agile delivery system that delivers value. The right mix of innovation and products, powered by machine learning and intelligent automation, can lower costs while simultaneously boosting the company’s bottom line. By breaking down traditional silos and embedding technology in all areas of a connected enterprise, IT serves the customer and organization with a more efficient and frictionless environment that excels through agentless service desks, virtual operational engineers and machine learning to support development and testing. 

KPMG member firms recognize that CIOs and IT teams face an increasing complex and challenging market with continuous pressures for returns on digital investment. Our Asset & License Management (ITAM) service provides IT departments with the help they need to harness new technologies for the business to reduce spending and risk. With software, hardware and data assets existing beyond the organization’s firewalls, continuous asset management requires capabilities that increase efficiency and have a positive impact upon the business. 

Contact KPMG’s ITAM professionals today to make your IT asset management team a true asset to the business.

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