Modern enterprise architecture

A customer-centric, connected business elevates enterprise architecture to align every project with the overall strategic objectives.

With IT’s strategy integrated into the overall business strategy, organizations need a customer-centric, connected enterprise that elevates architecture in strategic importance to orchestrate the organization’s digital and innovation agenda. Modern enterprise architecture (EA) focuses beyond managing IT assets and aligns them with the business. Through continuous review of products and services—from customer service and supply chain to operations and human resources—IT can optimize delivery and help the organization meet its strategic goals.

KPMG modern enterprise architecture service help identify the current state of your organization, envision the desired target state and determine the necessary transition states in between. Our professionals take a holistic approach to each state and define the needed capabilities—processes, organization, application, technology/infrastructure, data and other architecture views—to ensure every product supports the overall business objectives. 

Build for the future in four steps

Establish a foundation: Establish and grow a modern EA capability.

Define projects and programs: Analyze and develop architecture for dynamic investment or more frequent investments that return value quickly.

Create strategy alignment: Shift to funding products linked to the business or customer value which are connected to the overall business strategy.

Transform: Create new agile alignment in all aspects of enterprise architecture, allowing for flexibility based on market demands.

KPMG can help chief information officers, technology leaders and business executives leverage technology for greater insights, increased efficiencies and cost reduction with strategic technological investments and modern EA methodologies. We’ll help create the foundation on which your business can grow. 

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