IT strategy and operating models

With technology driving the business strategy, companies must rethink how they approach IT to attain sustainable growth in the ever-changing marketplace.

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Accelerating digital transformation initiatives in times of uncertainty

Positioning your digital strategy for the new reality

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With the constant pace of digital disruption, IT strategy and operating models must evolve as technology becomes both the backbone and driver of the overall business strategy. IT helps the company achieve a digital delivery system that maximizes performance and reduces costs by implementing emerging technologies, agile methods and advanced analytics.

Yet 41 percent of organizations do not have a clear digital business vision or strategy, giving organizations with a sound IT strategy a competitive edge. But many chief information officers (CIOs) must balance new techniques and technology advancements with the legacy estate while attempting to pay off technical debt. Companies need help organizing their efforts to create efficiencies and cost-effective measures to unleash the power of technology.

Innovate, integrate, accelerate

Designing and implementing a transformation journey requires expertise, knowledge and experience to realize your strategic objectives. KPMG can accelerate your company’s digital transformation by helping to align your IT investments, capabilities and prioritizes to create an optimized operation model.  By delivering a better digital return on investment, a more connected enterprise that serves both internal and external customers, and a new organizational structure that increases speed to market, the IT department no longer plays a supportive role in the organization but becomes the active force behind the business strategy.  

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