Program delivery services

KPMG offers a structured approach to implement complex program/projects which lead to successful project outcomes.

Program delivery services
Program delivery services

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KPMG’s Portfolio, Program, and Project Management teams can assist clients in any phase of a program or project so that it can run optimally, on time, on budget, and with intended goals met. We typically offer this as an integrated service.

Our detailed guidance is organized within method guides, guidance area documents, technique papers, and well-established tools—all integrated with other KPMG methods so that they can be leveraged to support a wide range of projects. We help clients sort whether a traditional program management, “waterfall” approach or an agile approach is appropriate for their program(s) and project(s).

Accelerate time to market through well-governed programs and projects

Our approach focuses on enhancing the output quality, providing transparency across programs, promoting early issue identification and mitigation, and ultimately reducing implementation and investment risk. In addition, these programs and projects increase the probability of delivery success at reduced cost.

KPMG provides an integrated approach to governance, structure, and program leadership for transformation programs across any line of business or industry. Contact us to learn more.


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