Technology business management transformation

Moving at market speed requires finance and IT to keep pace, demanding business leaders revisit the way they invest in technology.

In the age of constant disruption, businesses must balance the risk, reward and cost of integrating emerging technologies into their organization. While responsibility of identifying the right technologies for the business belongs to IT, Finance must ensure the return on investment.

KPMG’s Technology Business Management (TBM) services offers a proactive approach to digital transformation by helping to enable collaboration between Finance and IT. Through dynamic investment—or the application of small, more frequent investments that return value quickly—IT and Finance work together to support the overall business strategy by adopting emerging technologies, e.g. automation and artificial intelligence, and producing tangible results for the business. 

KPMG’s TBM strategy communicates transparency and value through the entire lifecycle of a product, allowing Finance and IT teams to allocate the necessary resources, pivot toward solutions and growth, and advance together.  


Assess your TBM proficiency

Is your company prepared for digital disruption? Find out now by taking KPMG’s TBM proficiency survey, which assesses your company’s IT and business ideation, strategy and agility. KPMG's TBM proficiency survey is 20 questions that take less than 15 minutes to complete. Participants that provide an email address in the survey will receive a customized scorecard of their results relative to all responses. The information you provide is kept confidential and will only be used in aggregate.

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Software alliances

Enable IT capabilities and start your journey toward digital transformation with software-as-a-service platforms through KPMG alliances. Combining KPMG’s IT Advisory services with Apptio and ServiceNow technologies, we’ll help you drive business value through process and technology integration to see a better return on investment. 

KPMG and ServiceNow

Together, we help enterprises find and sustain value in IT spending.

Together, we help enterprises find and sustain value in IT spending.


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