Modern delivery

Technology solution development: How do you balance speed and risk while also putting the customer at the center of design?

The aggressive pace of change in technology is relentless and accelerating. Customers rarely have lower expectations and are more technically fluent than ever. These days, “disruption”, “digital” and “transformation” are etched into our business vocabularies—putting pressure on both technology executives and business leaders to deliver differentiated solutions at market speed while preserving customer trust and meeting regulatory requirements .

A full array of technology capabilities has to be readily available for your business to keep pace and take advantage of new opportunities. Ideation, funding, development and delivery has to be iterative, fast, reliable, and continuously improving. And it has to work seamlessly and securely across the entire enterprise.

Modernize your approach. KPMG can help you adopt a modern product management, engineering and delivery disciplines that includes DevOps principles, including agile and lean practices—holistic and integrated solutions that support your technology and organizational transformation requirements. 

Successful execution of the next generation of business strategy will demand successful execution of your technology strategy.
Steve Bates, Principal, KPMG

By adopting and scaling a modern delivery approach, your business can achieve benefits that smooth the potential ripples from digital transformation and disruption, including:

  • improved customer experience, revenue growth, ability to seize new markets
  • aligned business and IT objectives organized around value
  • a culture of trust, collaboration and improved organizational effectiveness
  • create agility by leveraging modern architecture and harnessing a global tool ecosystem
  • reduced operational risk and increased confidence in new releases
  • improved customer intimacy and ability to pivot as demands change
  • faster realization of business value and more effective deployment of capital on winning ideas
  • time savings and better insights through automation, machine learning, and cloud. 

It’s time to modernize with a sustainable delivery model that can help your enterprise thrive and win in a digital economy. Contact us to get started.