Facts 2 Value
Facts 2 Value

Facts 2 Value

Driving business value from Enterprise Resource Management analytics.


To make better decisions, drive greater business value and outperform your peers, you need the facts. The facts lie within your ERP system, which gives you access to massive volumes of company data. But your ERP system alone won’t get you from raw data to business insights.

Turn Enterprise Resource Management facts into business value.

KPMG’s Facts 2 Value (F2V) is a flexible and powerful data analytics based solution that provides organizations with an effective and efficient method to extract and analyze vast amounts of financial relevant data stored within most leading ERP systems.

Combining deep business and industry expertise with advanced analytical techniques and technology solutions, our F2V Center of Excellence helps organizations unlock key insights from these facts. These insights help organizations complete the journey to value, identifying significant risks facing your business and revealing new and transformational opportunities for you to advance operational and financial process performance.

  • What are the benefits?
  • How does it work?

What are the benefits?

Have these questions come to your mind recently?

  1. How can I obtain consistent and timely information from my ERP?
  2. How can I extract terabytes of information to perform analyses?
  3. Why is my ERP not returning the investment expected?
  4. Are we integrating new entities into our ERP effectively and securely?
  5. Do I know the volume and impact of the segregation of duties in my ERP?
  6. How do I gain insights to analyze multiple instances of my ERP?

The unbiased, fact-based insights delivered through our F2V solution support smarter, fact-driven decision-making. That’s why 200+ Fortune 1000 companies globally have turned to KPMG’s F2V team to:

  • Identify “root causes” behind operational issues;
  • Enhance business processes and improve operational efficiency;
  • Optimize working capital and realize cost savings;
  • Manage risk more effectively;
  • Benchmark performance of the organization;
  • Strengthen and identify automated internal controls;
  • Assist with continuous auditing and continuous monitoring;
  • Improve ERP data quality and system integrity;
  • Leverage GRC solutions; and
  • Increase return on investment from ERP implementations.

How does it work?

The F2V approach begins with an F2V diagnostic of most leading ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle, JDE), including a selection of key performance indicators (KPIs) from our catalog of 600+ “analytics” – i.e. frequency of invoicing, comparison on planned vs actual delivery date and display outstanding parked invoices.

The F2V diagnostic focuses on two critical areas:

  • Risk: Delivering an overview of the configurations of automated controls and the potential “workarounds” in the use of the ERP.
  • Performance: Providing business insight into the ERP’s quality of data (i.e. master data, transactional data) along with quantification by volume and dollars of actual transaction flows within the ERP.

Next, KPMG’s experienced analysts evaluate the diagnostic results to unveil insights into your business processes, including opportunities to address performance breakdowns, identify control anomalies, and improve cost efficiency on the use of the ERP.

These results can be reported in a variety of visualizations, from traditional reporting to dynamic reporting, with drill down capabilities using tools like QlikView, as well as capabilities of display in mobile devices (e.g. iPad).

KPMG also offers F2V-as-a-service to help clients monitor ERP processes on an ongoing basis and identify any new anomalies. With this approach, our specialists assist your organization in running an agreed-upon set of analytics on a pre-established schedule (e.g. quarterly). The analytics can be the same for each run or a new selection can be made to emphasize in an area of current interest.