Client side advisory

KPMG can help your business analyze, plan, design and execute technology-enabled business transformation, assuring quality and mitigating risks.

With over two-thirds of all technology projects coming in late and over budget, there is a great need for a service that will help keep the projects assured and on track. Client Side Advisory (CSA) is aimed at helping enterprises analyze, plan, design and execute business improvement initiatives in the form of enterprise transformations, by partnering with enterprises from the time of initial analysis through the realization of the benefits of the transformations.

With CSA, KPMG can provide real-time information regarding potential risks that could impact the success of the transformation or overall business objectives and provide you with alternative solutions where necessary to gain the most value out of your transformation efforts.

We can help organizations planning or implementing technology transformation initiatives to improve organizational effectiveness and increase alignment between strategic IT and business objectives. Clients are able to define project goals clearly and mitigate potential implementation risks during the planning phase, leading to improved risk management and quality assurance capabilities throughout the transformation effort's life cycle.

KPMG can help make your technology-enabled business transformation successful by:

  • ensuring technology-enabled change programs are planned, executed and monitored appropriately to deliver not only on-time and on-budget, but also on-benefit
  • enhancing return on investment of technology-enabled change programs
  • assessing and managing potential risks to the program
  • acting as a trusted business advisor working with you and the systems integrator throughout the program life cycle — from initial planning and road mapping through implementation and post go-live.