Technology Risk Intelligence

A combination of expertise, methodologies, and a technology-based enablement platform.


The new way to build stakeholder trust by leveraging risk to make smarter business decisions.

As a result of dynamic global changes, organizations of all shapes and sizes have been rapidly introducing new technology initiatives, requiring them to understand the implications of non-traditional technology risks. Business and technology leaders are under pressure to incorporate a more proactive stance on managing the risks that come with these new technology investments and changes to the business environment, in an effort to build stakeholder trust.

It is critically important for organizations to understand key dependencies, potential single points of failure and other factors that can disrupt business operations. To address this complex and unique set of challenges, KPMG recently launched the Technology Risk Intelligence solution, a combination of expertise, methodologies and a technology-based enablement platform.

The Technology Risk Intelligence solution provides organizations with a clear and in-depth picture of how technology risks can adversely affect an organization by leveraging emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, advanced modeling capabilities and natural language processing.

Introducing KPMG Tech Risk Intelligence 

The solution’s new platform, called KPMG Tech Risk Intelligence, plays an integral role in its diverse set of capabilities. The platform showcases our market-leading technology risk experience and advanced thinking around risk quantification. Its interactive interface is driven by three main components: a quantifier, an optimizer, and an explorer. It is the combination of these components that provides powerful transparency into an organization’s risk profile and related optimal mitigation actions. The platform is based on the KPMG Technology Risk Intelligence comprehensive solutions designed to help companies achieve greater risk clarity with detailed technology risk quantification, ultimately ensuring effective, efficient and continuous business operations.

Additionally, the KPMG Tech Risk Intelligence platform offers organizations the unique ability to see potential risks in financial terms. By empowering technology and business leaders with the ability to articulate financial benefits related to technology risk investments and to predict future potential loss, the organization is positioned to make sound judgments and clearly see its return on investment.


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Luke Nelson

Luke Nelson

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Mihai Liptak

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Semion Bezrukov

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