SOX Compliance: Achieve a mature and data driven program

The future of SOX is streamlining to help optimize value and automation for a mature program. We focus on SOX so you can focus on your business.


Almost two decades of compliance experience has primed many Sarbanes-Oxley functions to become controls advisors to the organization—providing practical, real-time input on how to modify controls to address the rapidly changing environment. As a result, you’ve earned the trust of your  stakeholders and created a solid platform for responsible growth bolder innovation and sustainable advances in performance. 

KPMG can support you on the journey to becoming a high-impact SOX program, starting by helping you determine the right controls and a better way to test them. Then, we help automate the process and improve it over time to increase effectiveness and keep pace with data-driven audits.

This is the Trusted imperative — a dynamic new approach to risk and regulation powered for the digital era.

The future of SOX is simple: You gain time and cost efficiency without sacrificing quality. Read further about how we have automated SOX services to enable an insights-driven, operational focus for our clients. 

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Sue King

Sue King

Partner and SOX Solutions Lead, KPMG US