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KPMG helps you gain higher returns on your SAP investment

KPMG brings you industry insight, new perspectives and technology expertise that will help you achieve sustainable business improvement.

We understand the full technology landscape SAP brings to the market, and have years of experience helping clients in many sectors use it to their advantage. Combine that strength with the business, sector and functional experience that KPMG offers, and you can realize even greater value from your software investment—at a faster pace.

A connected, powered approach

We underpin the SAP platform with business practices designed to maximize impact. Our Connected Enterprise framework helps clients align their front, middle and back-office processes to better meet customer expectations and create value that drives sustainable growth.

The KPMG Powered Enterprise approach brings a business-led mindset to your transformation projects. It provides leading practices, roadmaps, processes and operating models—along with preconfigured software accelerators—to minimize risk and make the transition to RISE with SAP gain faster momentum with less disruption.

See the difference KPMG Powered Enterprise can make in your SAP implementation to help you achieve more.

Our solutions with SAP

Transform with confidence: Supporting the Rise with SAP offerings, we bring our leading practice approach to help you transform and evolve.

Strategy and Roadmap

  • ERP roadmap
  • Creating business case for change
  • Needs assessment
  • Determining the right SAP application fit for your organization

Business Integration Services

  • Build your vision and validate your approach
  • Establish program governance parameters
  • Track, realize and sustain SAP created business value
  • Align processes around new applications
  • Create business intelligence and analytics insights
  • Test, train and adapt with change management programs
  • Set up security, controls and data management

Implementation and Transformation Services

  • Financial planning and consolidation
  • Central finance
  • eCommerce
  • Procurement and supplier collaboration
  • Data governance
  • Analytics and reporting

KPMG Powered Enterprise

  • Leading practices for your industry and function
  • Process and service delivery models
  • Preconfigured accelerators and connectors
  • Security, control, and KPI models
  • Ongoing management support with KPMG Powered Evolution
  • Faster implementation with lowered risk to maximize value

Complementary services

  • TAX
    • Global trade compliance
    • Indirect TAX
  • Ariba
  • Transformation integrity
  • Independent program management oversight
  • Package selection

Our Experience

KPMG brings a long history of working with SAP solutions, and we are here to help you succeed.

  • Global experience in 25 countries
  • More than 5000 SAP professionals
  • More than 1200 experts in the Americas
  • Experience across many sectors, including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy, Consumer Products, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Realty, Logistics, Mining and more

Our stories

See how we’ve helped businesses achieve their goals

Learn more about the how KPMG can help improve the outcome of your SAP implantation.

Global biotech transformation drives innovative medicine

This $10 billion global biotech leader was on a mission to provide innovative medical solutions for patients with rare conditions. The company had grown rapidly, but with rapid growth came challenges—disparate processes, legacy IT applications, and the need for better reporting solutions, to name a few. KPMG collaborated with our client to successfully deploy an efficient, scalable, risk-mitigated, globally standard, and sustainable SAP S/4HANA platform across six manufacturing plants, 30 countries, 30 commercial affiliates, and 5,000 end users—with zero days of business disruption. Five end-to-end business processes were enabled to support future growth and common global metrics were established. Yearly business case benefits are estimated to be 1 percent of annual revenues. KPMG has helped our client reimagine and transform, furthering its relentless pursuit of providing breakthrough medical therapies for patients whose lives depend on them.


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Find out how KPMG can provide a differentiated approach to your SAP transformation.

Find out how KPMG can provide a differentiated approach to your SAP transformation.