State, local & federal government
State, local & federal government

Emergency Management, Disaster Management and Resiliency

We understand and respect the challenges federal, state, and local governments face with multiple competing priorities in the wake of a natural disaster.

Preemptive strategic planning, risk intelligence, and innovative governance are among the most important elements for state and communities to assure in tackling emergencies, rebuilding after disasters, and protecting citizens and businesses from recurring and evolving threats.

KPMG has the relevant experience and knowledge to provide public bodies with helpful counsel and solutions at all points along this preparedness-recovery-prevention spectrum.

KPMG stands out for the multidisciplinary, innovative approaches that it weaves together with governments to create holistic and self-staining solutions. Our range of services include:

  • Managing disbursement, use and compliance of pre-disaster planning and post-disaster recovery grant programs leveraging funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and other federal, state and local sources
  • Guiding state and local governments on restructuring departments, policies, technology, and funding mechanisms to improve emergency preparedness and community disaster resilience
  • Designing and implementing operational resiliency and continuity of operations plans for local government to maintain critical functions after disasters
  • Advising on public-private financing and asset management strategies to increase the durability and resilience of public infrastructure, ports, and power, water and electric utilities
  • Possessing versatile data analytic and visualization tools that can sharpen risk and vulnerability assessments, as well as better direct investments to communities most in need
  • Performing leading quality control and financial forensics techniques to help assure disaster recovery funds are spent expeditiously and efficiently, while protecting from waste, fraud and abuse.

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KPMG in action

As residents and citizens of the communities often affected, our professionals have a personal commitment to deliver outstanding services and value to our clients through the combination of government knowledge, practical ideas, and both personal and professional experience. Our practice has positively impacted the citizens and communities across the U.S. that have been affected by a disaster.

Superstorm Sandy

We served as the Integrity Monitor of two construction firms providing post Superstorm Sandy home repairs through a $500 million FEMA funded repairs program.  We helped deter acts of construction fraud, investigated instances of contractor/subcontractor waste and abuse, and provided various analyses around potential contractor overbilling to the government. Our efforts resulted in substantial cost savings for our client.

Hurricane Katrina

KPMG was engaged post Hurricane Katrina to develop anti-fraud programs and controls for the LA Road Home Program. Our team monitored the distribution of $6.5B in HUD Community Development Block Grant Funds and performed forensic data and analytics mining across more than 150,000 applications.

Gulf of Mexico

Our team was engaged by a major oil and gas company to review, assess, and validate over $1 billion of expense associated with responding to a major environmental incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Through close interaction with our client and its vendors and contractors, we brought transparency and accountability to the response expenditures. Our efforts consisted of the following: provided a rapid response to the crisis; established a process for assessing the appropriateness of invoices and supporting documentation; brought accountability to the vendors and contractors that worked on the response; facilitated the timely and appropriate payment to vendors and contractors; and documented inappropriate, duplicative, and unsupported billing.

Hurricane Michael

Our team performed comprehensive FEMA PA grants management starting with recipient review through project closeout for the strongest storm on record to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Hurricane Michael was a Category 5 storm that caused widespread devastation, with damages estimated in excess of $4 billion. We provide support for the recovery efforts for over 245 applicants in Bay County, which is widely known as ground zero for the storm. We have supported the release over $250 million in recovery funding to applicants in Bay County.

Ground Zero

In the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, KPMG was engaged by a government agency to establish internal controls, provide financial oversight and prevent fraud during the emergency debris removal and disposal operations at the World Trade Center site.

Hurricane Irma

Our team performs comprehensive FEMA PA grants management starting with recipient review through project closeout for one of the strongest storms on record to exist in the open Atlantic region. Until Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Irma was the most intense hurricane to strike the continental United States since Katrina in 2005, with damages estimated in excess of $3.4 billion. We support the recovery efforts for the most impacted region, South Florida, including subrecipients throughout Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe County (Florida Keys), and with the release of over $260 million in recovery funding to applicants.

Prior Ten Years Storms - Fay to Nate

Our team performs comprehensive FEMA PA grants management starting with recipient review through project closeout for Florida’s legacy storms. We support the recovery efforts for the most impacted regions, Northeast, Central and South Florida, including subrecipients throughout Volusia, Orange, Brevard, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe County (Florida Keys).  Due to its effective deployment of resources to support recovery operations, we were entrusted to provide comprehensive grants management services for storms impacting the state in the last ten years, primarily Hurricanes Matthew and Hermine. As a result, we were tasked with reviewing over 3,500 submissions from subrecipients seeking reimbursement in excess of $1.4 billion.

Florida Department of Transportation

KPMG is engaged to perform comprehensive FEMA public assistance grants management services beginning with project formulation and assisting through project closeout. The vast majority of work performed as a result of the declared disasters relates to debris removal efforts for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael with costs totaling approximately $75 million for the removal and disposal of 1.3 million cubic yards (CY) of debris and approximately $625 million for the removal and disposal of over 18 million CY of debris, respectively.


Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.