Regulation and compliance: healthcare

Can your healthcare organization deliver quality care at lower costs while complying with changing regulation? KPMG can help.

As pressure increases to deliver higher-quality care at lower costs in a changing regulatory environment, the risks and challenges faced by healthcare providers have never been higher. Organizations need to prevent, detect and respond to the risk of noncompliance in an environment of significant enforcement activity.

KPMG provides healthcare organizations with integrated advice across the full life-cycle of risk and regulatory change, including compliance and monitoring of new regulations, working with regulators to understand future changes, and advising companies on risk mitigation and remediation. We provide coding and billing assessments, compliance program assessments, data analytics, physician contracting reviews, various regulatory-specific assessments (HIPAA, ADA, EMTALA, etc.), as well as reviews of ongoing investigations and litigations. We also work with organizations on how to best collect and present required documentation to comply with mandates pertaining to HIPAA and other regulatory audits.

Healthcare organizations, like other industries, store large quantities of data to be used throughout the business. KPMG leverages data analytics to help providers increase visibility into stored data, identify and protect protected health information/personally identifiable information (PHI/PII) data, easily locate and compile data for regulatory compliance, and proactively manage and govern data.