Data & Analytics Modernization

Financial services firms turn to KPMG to modernize their data, analytics, and model lifecycle capabilities.

Now is the time for financial firms to evaluate and apply new strategies and technologies to create value and manage risk.

With risks emerging, regulatory demands expanding, and higher environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards becoming the norm, financial services firms need to take a holistic approach to modernizing their D&A platforms for greater insights and risk management.

KPMG can help you transform your D&A strategy, processes, and technologies into value drivers that give you competitive advantage. We bring our cumulative experience and leading technologies to advance your speed to market, grow your real-time analytics, automate your processes, and uncover new insights.  Our team of multidisciplined professionals offers a unique combination of technical skills, deep business knowledge, and D&A experience.

How we can help you

KPMG helps financial services clients create and execute D&A strategies that manage risk effectively. Drawing on an ever-expanding array of information sources on evolving threats, new regulations, and the latest technology, our specialists start by learning your business, assessing the current state of your D&A capabilities, and defining industry leading-practice Target Operating Model (TOM) for the future. From there we work to design and implement a new D&A architecture based on software and systems that can maximize return on investment and utilize advanced hybrid and cloud platforms. Then we help clients establish updated modeling and analytics processes, supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI). Finally, we can add further automation to help clients manage the software, processing and analytical capabilities that drive innovation.

Key objectives and benefits of this approach may include:

  • Aligning D&A with the organization’s overall risk strategy and appetite
  • Establishing accurate, consistent, and accessible sources of truth
  • Automating aggregation and distribution of risk information and reporting
  • Migrating from legacy infrastructure to hybrid and cloud-based solutions
  • Executing better and dynamic modeling and forecasting
  • Standardizing governance, oversight and compliance procedures
  • Complying with internal and external reporting requirements

Our thinking

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