Responding quickly to allegations of fraud or misconduct.

Matthew McFillin

Matthew McFillin

Partner, Forensic Services, KPMG US

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Responding quickly to allegations of fraud or misconduct is rarely easy, especially if the wrongdoing occurs in foreign countries.  Your organization’s response to an allegation of fraud or misconduct can mean the difference between a small, fixable problem and a big, lasting problem.  

KPMG Forensic offers the right approach, skills, tools, and capabilities to conduct a prompt, cost-effective and objective investigation that helps you resolve your situation appropriately with minimal disruption and cost.

  • Approach: Through detailed inquiries and examinations, we provide an impartial means to establish truths, evaluate implications, identify appropriate remedial actions, submit restatements, and communicate with regulators or outside auditors.
  • Skills: Our multinational professionals are highly credentialed, with deep fluency and experience in forensic science, forensic accounting, data analysis, investigation technology, and domestic and foreign laws, regulations, and cultural standards.
  • Geographic reach:  We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and coordinate our approach to use the appropriate resources.  Many of our investigations are cross-border, where we leverage both our U.S. and our local, in-country forensic professionals who have the language skills, cultural familiarity, and understanding of local regulatory and privacy laws to consistently deliver high-quality results.
  • Tools: One of the greatest challenges in any investigation is finding the relevant data and managing data access and transport issues, especially across jurisdictions. KPMG’s advanced investigation technology capabilities enable businesses to recover and analyze digital evidence virtually and respond quickly to adverse events.
  • Capabilities: We work closely with companies to execute the day-to-day work of an effective investigation, but our work doesn’t stop there. Due to pleas, settlements or voluntary compliance, many companies need the services of an independent integrity monitor. We help prevent fraud, waste and abuse in large-scale government contracts, with services covering project strategy, risk assessment, monitoring, compliance and oversight.


Forensic accountants and lawyers: A powerful team


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