KPMG’s eDiscovery/Evidence & Discovery Management services help make the discovery process more cost-effective.

The amount of electronic data that companies produce today can be overwhelming. As a result, organizations face a variety of complex issues when dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), as well as substantial costs in responding effectively to litigation-related or regulatory requests. KPMG’s differentiated wide-ranging approach combines people, process, and technology that cost-effectively tackles today’s complex eDiscovery landscape.

KPMG’s services are enhanced by decades of experience with both externally licensed software and our proprietary eDiscovery tools. We help our clients reduce the amount of nonrelevant data through our targeted collection capabilities. Our collection tools help us perform forensically sound, targeted collections and have preservation capabilities. These tools collect from several data sources, including Office 365®, e-mail, native documents, wikis, calendar items, contacts, tasks, attachments, and SharePoint®.

Throughout the eDiscovery process, we use KPMG’s Evidence Tracker to document and maintain chain of custody of all data that we acquire and receive. The integration between our tools and technologies enable project teams to maintain control of data through each phase of the eDiscovery process while responding swiftly to changes in scope, requirements, and priorities.

Managed review services

KPMG provides qualified attorneys, and subject matter, specialist reviewers to efficiently and defensibly review documents and data involved in government investigations, regulatory filings, or large litigation eDiscovery requests. We provide full wide-ranging services, including identification, preservation, processing, hosting, managed review, and production of electronically stored information. We utilize the appropriate professionals, processes, and technology for each matter, in addition to recycling and developing reusable work product for future matters to reduce volumes and cost.

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