Corporate intelligence

Our third-party risk management solutions are focused on assisting clients identify and prioritize higher risk business relationships.

We assist clients around the world by helping them make informed decisions through the identification of hidden factors or red flags by performing risk-based integrity due diligence of their third-party relationships. We highlight issues of concern that may cause reputational or financial damage to an organization, its directors, and its shareholders. In high-risk or unfamiliar areas, we help our clients identify political or regulatory factors in local markets. Our teams assimilate and analyze publicly available information to provide accurate and reliable corporate intelligence on designated third parties. We have vast experience and knowledge in obtaining information that can enable our clients to understand what, or who, they are dealing with – no matter at what stage of the transaction cycle.

Web-enabled integrity due diligence

KPMG offers a secure online integrity due diligence suite of solutions, provides a robust and cost-efficient way to obtain information and assess risks associated with customers, agents, distributors, joint venture partners, logistics intermediaries and other partners. By leveraging KPMG's overall approach to third-party risk management, which includes integrity due diligence, our clients are able to identify non-transparent risks unlikely to be revealed by financial and legal due diligence alone.


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