Enterprise risk governance

As risk management standards rise, are you positioned to maximize return on investment?

Regulatory expectations for risk management standards are increasing across Commercial Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, and Non-Prudentially Regulated Financial Services.  To remain in regulatory compliance, firms require more effective, adaptable, and scalable risk management.  With deep regulatory expertise, well-established approaches and global reach, KPMG’s Enterprise Risk Governance practice can help firms design and implement a more commercial approach to managing risk.

The Enterprise Risk Governance practice offers the following suite of services across our core solutions of Enterprise Risk Management & 3 Lines of Defense; Operational Risk Management; Governance, Conduct, & Culture; Third Party Risk Management; Front Line Advisory; New Product Lifecycle Risk Management;  and Continuous Monitoring & Surveillance:

  • Minimum Standards - Helping clients design and implement risk management solutions to meet the needs of regulatory standards
    • Risk Management Framework design - Supporting the definition and development of risk management frameworks across major risk disciplines
    • Target Operating Model Development – Operationalizing risk management frameworks
    • Implementation Assistance - Supporting the deployment of target operating models
    • Regulatory Advisory / Safety and Soundness - Providing subject matter advisory to address expected and/or realized safety  and soundness / regulatory issues
  • Commercial approaches to risk management - Designing and implementing innovative solutions to reduce the cost of risk management for clients by increasing risk management effectiveness
    • Electronic Trading Advisory – Electronic trading risk and control management, validation and testing,  regulatory compliance, and strategy optimization
    • Risk and Control Assessment Convergence - Collapsing multiple risk assessments into an ‘assess once, use many’ framework
    • Controls Assurance - Designing and executing a framework to assess the design and effectiveness of key controls across the enterprise
    • Continuous Monitoring & Surveillance – Design, implementation and execution  of methodologies and procedures for surveillance parameters and threshold optimization
  • Root cause analysis and remediation support - Targeted support across the three lines of defense to target and remediate risk management issues within a defined service area
    • Process Improvement / Efficiency - Designing and implementing process and technology improvements to resolve operational risk issues, such as robotics or Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities.
    • Internal / External Findings Resolution - Remediating significant self-identified, internal audit, or regulatory findings
    • Deep Dive Analysis - Designing and implementing frameworks which identify risk management problem areas and remediate them within an organization