Risk and Compliance

Helping transform risk and compliance efforts into competitive advantage by applying a risk lens to corporate strategy.


Companies are facing intense regulatory pressure from federal and foreign regulators, state attorneys general, and others, prompting extensive reviews, audits, investigations, and litigation.

To thrive, leading organizations must devote effort and resources to ensure they have appropriate and effective risk strategies, compliance programs and controls processes in place.

KPMG provides wide ranging services in operations, compliance and forensic to enhance performance and decision making and help clients achieve the highest level of integrity around regulatory themes such as third-party risk management, consumer protection, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, trade sanctions and sourcing. Serving multiple industries that span services from powerful risk analytics and actuarial solutions, to managing the cost and risk of litigation, investigations and regulatory enforcement actions.

Helping clients meet their business challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they operate. KPMG’s cross-industry team focuses on the regulatory enforcement environment and its related compliance operations including assessments, remediation, due diligence, transformation, process mapping and analytics. KPMG also advises and supports organizations as they modernize their business to meet the challenges of a dynamic marketplace, changing consumer expectations, and evolving global regulatory requirements.

At a time when companies  are exposed more than ever to financial, reputational, regulatory, and operational risks, we help clients to focus on the central tenet of their business: to be trusted by their stakeholders, the marketplace, and the communities they serve.

Our people

Marc Miller

Marc Miller

Partner, Risk & Compliance Leader, KPMG US