Technology Strategy & Selection

Select technology that best enables your business.


In an age of digital transformation, companies need to determine the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform and technology applications to enable Finance, Human Resources, Procurement / Supply Chain, and other functional areas. They must align their business strategy with emerging technology to deliver value to the business both now and in the future.

The benefits

  • Objective, technology-agnostic perspectives on the best options for you
  • A holistic strategy that considers all elements of your operating model
  • Technology selection that enhances your competitive differentiation
  • A clear picture of the requirements for implementing transformation
  • Accelerated transformation that can drive immediate cost savings 

How KPMG can help

We understand the complex challenges companies have in determining the right technologies to create scale needed for strategic growth. Our professionals provide objective functional and technology perspectives to help you make well informed technology selections. We can:

  • Give unbiased guidance on the technology options that align with your organization’s priorities and goals
  • Evaluate operating model improvements
  • Help you clearly understand the potential benefits, risks, and costs of a transformation
  • Assist you with the end-to- end process of ERP selection
  • Implement the transformation after technology selections are made


A business-outcome-driven approach to ERP selections 

Create digital disruption rather than react to it. Harness new technologies to unlock business value. Give your organization the advantage you need to stand out in the marketplace. 

Key enablers of our approach



Incorporate Industry insights and technology disruptors session(s)

Align strategies to a common vision through a 'Connected Enterprise' assessment

Build future state around a Target Operating Model

Develop achievable short-, mid-, long- term ERP and Data modernization plans

Design and enable a more successful transformation with a robust Value Case

Embed Organizational Change Management from the beginning

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