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Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of your procurement operating model with an innovative digital procurement platform


A state-of-the-art digital procurement platform can enhance your procurement operations on multiple levels. But procurement organizations often miss a critical step when they begin their technology transformation process: They fail to define clearly what “success” will look when the digital transformation is complete until the process is already underway.

This lack of clarity at the outset can lead to transformations that don’t achieve the desired outcomes, or require significant changes mid-stream or after the implementation has been put in place. These steps typically entail excess unplanned costs, delays in operations, and unhappy senior executives and other key stakeholders.

That’s why many leading procurement organizations work closely with experienced firms like KPMG to locate and implement innovative, seamless digital procurement platforms.

The benefits

  • Control and improve spend management
  • Leverage the right technology for speed and effectiveness
  • Drive better business value
  • Achieve improved and more agile responses to changing business environments
  • Future-proof workflows and procurement practices
  • Offer better, more rewarding and fulfilling employee-centric experiences
  • Garner higher adoption rates
  • Lower risk and improve returns on investment (ROI)

How KPMG can help

KPMG has developed leading procurement practice strategies, technology solutions and other tools to fast-track companies on their digital transformation journey. Our wide-ranging digital strategy and procurement enablement services can assist you from strategy through to results by:

  • Assessing and understanding your drivers, opportunities and challenges to create a vision of what success for you looks like.
  • Evaluating current and proposed technology needs and selections, including off-the-shelf and complex custom implementations.
  • Applying a holistic transformation methodology, approach, and accelerators to enable speed to value.
  • Offering ongoing support to help transform and optimize your procurement organization through technology implementation and hyper-care.
  • Creating a cloud integration framework that contains pre-built tools such as ERP integration.
  • Engaging employees to align, communicate and commit to your vision.
  • Coordinating managed service needs.



Our comprehensive offerings are driven by advanced technology from our Alliances and other industry-leading technology providers such as:

KPMG and Coupa®

Achieve smarter spend management by transforming your procure-to-pay processes with Coupa's user-friendly procurement application.

Portrait of successful African-American businessman smiling during meeting with colleague at coffee break

KPMG and Ivalua®

Together, we help clients redesign procurement processes and implement Ivalua's cloud-based source-to-pay application.



SAP Ariba®






Connect with us and let us help you make your procurement transformation journey a successful one.

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