Powered Evolution

Extend the life of your KPMG Powered Enterprise functional transformation with our specifically designed enrichment services.


After doing the hard and rewarding work of a functional transformation, you need a solution to prevent your new technology from becoming tomorrow's legacy system and to keep your function at the forefront of leading practice. 

That solution needs to allow you to adapt to market conditions and regulatory changes, and it needs to allow you to take advantage of new technologies and process improvements.

To address these needs, we've created Powered Evolution

Powered Evolution is an on demand service specifically designed for you to continually optimize your Powered Enterprise functional transformation. It is delivered in the same way as the Powered Enterprise program, through a highly-skilled and effective multi-tier global delivery network that provides local and market insight together with global process and technical resources to keep your function at its peak. 

What's included?

Each client's use of Powered Evolution is subtly different, but typically includes three key areas:

Base services: Case management, quarterly update support, patch management, knowledge management, service desk, operations management and testing

Enrichment services: Configuration changes, developments and enhancements, security and controls, data integration, interface services and report writing

Governance: Release planning and management, change management and reporting



What skills are involved?

KPMG has dedicated teams of Powered Evolution practitioners to deliver forward-looking insights and help maximize your investment. Their skills include:

  • platform and function-specific talent
  • client success managers
  • target operating model and solution architects
  • governance architects
  • release management resources
  • developers
  • configuration specialists
  • platform administration specialists
  • technical resources
  • testing resources and tools.

What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. Using our tried and tested operating model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services you can choose your desired functional outcomes then make them a reality.

Our people

David Brown

David Brown

Global Head, KPMG Managed Services Principal, Advisory, KPMG US