Viability Risk Monitoring

Protect your supply chain against geopolitical and macroeconomic risk.



How protected is your supply chain from disruption?

What impacts your partners can disrupt your business. Geopolitical turmoil, macroeconomic unrest, and financial instability—even in the farthest corners of the world—can throw your supply chain into chaos and cause ripple effects throughout your organization.

KPMG Viability Risk Monitoring (VRM) helps you anticipate and avoid such disruptions. By leveraging patented algorithms and a multitude of data sources to analyze conventional and emerging risks, VRM isolates urgent issues and monitors your third-party network. We calculate the risk each vendor presents to your business—helping you improve the resiliency, efficiency, and value of your supply chain.

Scouring available—and unavailable—data sources

Improve the stability of your supply chain—and business—with continuous partner monitoring. In addition to publicly available information, we utilize proprietary intelligence, data aggregation sources, and our global team to gather as much information as possible about your third-party network.

Get deep, accurate, and up-to-date risk profiles and scores for each partner, based on our advanced algorithms and data models.

On demand risk profiles, with alerts for emergencies

Identify vulnerabilities before they disrupt your supply chain. Each partner receives a risk profile and score that is based on 20 financial, geopolitical, and macroeconomic vectors and tailored to your business priorities and risk thresholds.

Get partner insight anytime, anywhere. All of the scores can be accessed through our secure, online portal, and you’ll be alerted whenever a partner’s score drops below your predetermined threshold.

Do you know what the future holds?
Learn more in our brochure about how you can focus on your business while KPMG helps improve visibility into the financial health of your third-party network, on demand.

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