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Protect your supply chain against geopolitical and macroeconomic risk




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Your third-party network can be subject to economic, geopolitical, and financial threats.

KPMG’s Viability Risk Monitoring service is designed to monitor and identify threats in real time, facilitating a timely response – before disruption strikes.



Third-party vulnerabilities

Patented algorithms analyze conventional and emerging risk dimension, isolating urgent issues in your third-party network while alerting you to those at risk.


Advance warning of threats

Viability Risk Monitoring provides real-time, forward-looking vulnerability visualizations with risk and KPI trends, customized for your business and risk tolerance, helping to create effective contingency plans.  


Improved risk transparency

The cloud-based service continuously monitors and reviews third-party relationships using financial data and 20 geopolitical risk factors that determine vulnerability levels of suppliers tiered by urgency.


Monitor and project third-party risk behavior

Much can change after you’ve made the decision to onboard a third-party. KPMG’s Viability Risk Monitoring provides powerful oversight with a dynamic, real-time dashboard that analyzes and projects vulnerabilities across all relationships, so you have time to act before the damaging events happen.


Features and focus

With KPMG’s Viability Risk Monitoring, you’ll receive real-time insight into risks facing your company. We aim to empower your company to make data-driven decisions that can change the course of potentially damaging events with significant costs to your brand and bottom line.

Key Benefits: 

  • Mitigate risk and preserve business sourcing activity
  • Create effective contingency plans based on weighted risk scorecards
  • Access your cloud-based solution anywhere, anytime
  • Leverage KPMG specialized knowledge to help better manage your third-party relationships


Knowledge center

Viability Risk Monitoring helps consolidate suppliers and save costs.

KPMG’s VRM solution helps a large electronic manufacturer with over 2000 suppliers to consolidate suppliers, eliminate risk and save costs.

See vulnerability and act ahead of disruption.

Download the brochure to learn more about KPMG Viability Risk Monitoring.

Top 10 Supply Management Mistakes

When you rely on an international network of third parties, seemingly unrelated events can conspire to harm your business.


VRM datasheet

Download the datasheet to learn more about KPMG Viability Risk Monitoring.

Act ahead of third party disruption

When you can project vulnerability, you have the advantage. See how KPMG Viability Risk Monitoring puts time on your side.

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