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KPMG’s Third Party Intelligence solution helps provide a clear line of sight into your third-party network and enables you to continually protect your organization against compliance risk, reputational damage and contract-value leakage.


Crossing the critical phases of your third-party relationships, our solution provides actionable intelligence to help you address key questions, such as: what third party should you do business with, how is that third-party performing, and should the relationship be continued. The KPMG Third Party Intelligence solution delivers actionable insight designed to keep you ahead of disruptive events before they arise through three core services: Integrity Due Diligence, Viability Risk Monitoring and Contract Performance Management.




Forecast risk in advance

Our Viability Risk Monitoring service helps enable you to foresee a disruptive threat in your third-party network in advance and take immediate action to prevent loss. With patented scoring methods for financial health, performance metrics, and geopolitical factors, we aim to provide real-time robust insight into your third-party network.





Mitigate risk after you've signed  

Our Contract Performance Management service identifies value leakage from contract commitments by providing visibility to critical issues related to effective oversight and governance of contracts across analytics, contract compliance and actionable workflow management. We help you track third-party performance against agreed on terms and identify issues for resolution to prevent problems before they affect your organization's bottom line.



Assess third-parties before you onboard them


Our Integrity Due Diligence service provides research that may be used in the approval decisions for the third-parties your company choses to onboard. The service ranges from enabling you to perform high-risk assessments of your complete third-party network within minutes, to seamlessly escalating higher deemed risks for enhanced due diligence.1 When you’re armed with accurate, actionable and relevant risk information you can make informed decisions on who to bring (or not bring) into your third-party network.

1. Integrity Due Diligence is not intended to be used to determine an individual consumer's eligibility for (a) credit or insurance for personal, family, or household purposes; (b) employment; or (c) a government license or benefit.



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Top 5 Third Party Risks

With so much potential damage on the line, understanding what to look out for and what practices to avoid is paramount to maintaining good standing with your organization’s stakeholders and protecting your company from reputational risk.

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KPMG’s Third Party Intelligence Solutions empower companies to maintain a clear line of sight into their third-party network and continually protect themselves against compliance risk, reputational damage and contract-value leakage.

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