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Achieving Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance is a tedious and time consuming requirement. 

One that involves external auditors, internal control owners, technology and document management, targeted testing, and tailored reporting. 

Many companies are still using spreadsheets and email to facilitate this onerous, multifaceted process. Some are testing the wrong controls and missing material weaknesses altogether. And countless others are in an endless cycle of fits and starts, with intermittent fire drills that disrupt daily operations followed by long periods of inactivity. 

The KPMG SOX Compliance Service delivers an optimized combination of efficiency and effectiveness. With a purpose-built workflow automation tool and tested methodology, we standardize, streamline, and execute your SOX testing —allowing your staff to focus on more strategic priorities.




Our SOX testing and methodology is born from over 17 years of SOX experience and knowledge of the regulations.  We have optimized our solution to deliver the most value to your specific needs. We help you determine which controls to test, how to test them, and the frequency with which they should be tested. We then automate the process and optimize it over time to increase programmatic effectiveness and cost-efficiency.


The service utilizes a purpose-built workflow automation tool that standardizes and streamlines documentation gathering, control testing, and compliance reporting. Testing becomes programmatic and routine, eliminating the onslaught of activity that can encumber your organization at critical times of the year. All of the resulting dashboards, documentation, and reports can be accessed through our secure, online service, with customized views for external auditors, senior financial executives, individual control owners, and your SOX program owner.





Time and cost efficiency

We’ve transformed the way we deliver SOX-related services, giving you more time and cost efficiency without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. Our solution helps you minimize hiring, training, and technology expenses. A yearly subscription fee with monthly billing provides cost predictability. And workflow automation reduces the strain on your control owners, senior financial executives, and external auditors.

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