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Our Lease Accounting Service helps remove the burden and uncertainties that come with lease accounting compliance.

Preparing for the upcoming deadline for the Accounting Standard Codification (ASC) 842 issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) will be a strain on your resources and adopting a new system could take significant time to implement. Based on our experiences with public companies implementing these solutions to comply with the new requirements, we have learned that it can be a complex challenge that may require major changes to systems and processes.  

With KPMG's combination of purpose-built software and behind-the-scenes data optimization, our lease accounting offering helps you meet FASB ASC 842 requirements—quickly and efficiently.


Simple implementation, robust capabilities

Designed for accountants of private companies, our KPMG Lease Accounting Service follows a simple process:




We meet with your team to better understand your leasing policies, procedures, and population.


You submit your lease contract details through KPMG’s secure, online portal—and we handle the rest.


KPMG’s comprehensive Lease Accounting Financial Reporting PackageSM includes disclosures, journal entries, and financial documents for standard compliance reporting.

Case studies

Tested, purpose-built technology

We utilize the KPMG Leasing Tool (KLT), a powerful computing engine used by Fortune 500 public companies, purpose-built for the latest lease accounting requirements. Developed by KPMG accountants for accountants, KLT performs a broad range of deep calculations—factoring contractual terms, amortization schedules, discount rates, foreign currencies, dual reporting and other variables—to produce detailed financial reports, disclosures, and journal entries for compliance reporting.

Backed by a team of lease accounting professionals

KPMG Lease Accounting Service and KLT are based on decades of experience helping organizations navigate accounting changes. In addition to the leading practices and methodologies built into the service and tool, KPMG professionals bring valuable insights from our experience helping public companies adopt ASC 842.

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