KPMG OnBoard: Onboarding your greatest asset, from hired to inspired

KPMG OnBoard speeds new hire assimilation and time to productivity. Helping you build a longer-lasting connection and a greater return on your talent investment.




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Making the connection

Connect everyone involved in the process - from new hires, hiring manager and HR professionals - encouraging communication and enabling early productivity.

Be productive. Faster.

Onboard help maximizes the return on your talent investment by helping them assimilate and learn about your organization faster. Ultimately feeling confident in their ability to contribute.

Managed workflows for a better experience

Easily helps enable integrations, workflows and approvals. Providing organizations with a portal that pulls together information across disparate processes and systems. Delivering a unique employee onboarding experience.



Create a new-hire nirvana

New hires have plenty on their minds as they take this exciting new career step with your organization. Overwhelming paperwork, onboarding tasks, and new processes can take away their new-hire enthusiasm. KPMG OnBoard provides the tools they need, in familiar formats, to assimilate and learn about your organization faster, ultimately feeling confident in their ability to contribute.



HR professionals: Connect the dots

Make it easier for HR professionals to track every new hire and ensure they are having a positive employee experience. A clean, informative dashboard provides critical information and updates that support your specific processes and tasks. Now, staying in touch with new hires and colleagues is so much simpler.  



Hiring managers: Get the most out of your new hires from day one

Keep the employee experience a top priority by tracking the critical hiring time line with KPMG OnBoard. Our user-friendly dashboard enables seamless sharing among departments to increase efficiency and keep everyone on the same page.



Ensure smoother employee exits

Every time a worker leaves an organization, there are inherent risks at hand—from financial matters to intellectual property. KPMG OnBoard mitigates the departure impact, and with its intuitive, centralized portal, it streamlines and monitors offboarding.


Case studies

Happy together

Did you know that more than 86 percent of hires decide whether or not to stay at their new job within the first six months? Read about five realities, including the newcomer perspective, that can help you provide an onboarding experience that nurtures new hires to stay, grow, and succeed at your company.

Backed by a team of lease accounting professionals

KPMG Lease Accounting Service and KLT are based on decades of experience helping organizations navigate accounting changes. In addition, KPMG professionals bring valuable insights from our experience helping public companies adopt ASC 842.

Engaged, connected, and empowered

Watch how smoothly the new-hire onboarding journey goes for all involved parties—from the new hire to the HR professional and hiring manager. See how KPMG OnBoard’s digital and mobile-enabled tool streamlines processes to help ensure more confident and engaged employees who are ready to rock from day one.

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