Integrity Due Diligence

Assess third parties before you onboard them.



How well do you know your third parties?

Bringing third-party organizations—including vendors, suppliers, distributors, and contractors—into your business network requires a careful balance of speed and attention to detail.

A hasty onboarding process can lead to dysfunctional partnerships and operational disruptions. And a slow onboarding process can leave money on the table. You need both: value-generating speed and professional-grade quality.

KPMG Integrity Due Diligence helps you answer a critical and recurring question: Should we do business with this company or individual? We scour thousands of data sources to surface relevant information and leverage our own due diligence models to help you onboard third-party organizations with speed and confidence.

Speed and quality

Relieve your staff of the burden, complexity, and uncertainty of third-party assessments and monitoring. We can deliver third-party assessments rapidly—sometimes in minutes—to help accelerate your time to value.


Professionally tailored

Attain an enhanced mix of rapid and in-depth third-party assessments. We develop a detailed risk policy and automate decision workflows based on your specific business priorities, policies, and regulatory requirements.



Ensure confidence in your risk findings and corporate compliance. Draw on the most up-to-date sources to navigate a complex and rapidly evolving set of regulations (including the use of sanctions as a foreign policy tool and diverging policies between the EU and the US).

Breadth: Assessments for rapid approval (ARA)

Assessments for third parties that pose the least risk to your organization based on your pre-established settings, can be delivered in minutes. Utilizing deep-web analytics, machine learning, and proprietary intelligence, we analyze tens of thousands of data sources—in 50 languages across 20 categories of risk—to help you make informed decisions about your third-party network.

Our ARAs often reveal a wealth of critical information, including adverse media mentions, litigation sources, and up-to-the-minute intelligence.

Depth: Enhanced due diligence (EDD)

We can provide much deeper assessments for third parties that pose the greatest risk to your business. With a global presence and range of jurisdiction experience, we perform in-depth investigations to identify and analyze the most elusive third-party intelligence and red flags.  

We conduct more than 50,000 EDD investigations each year, many of which are highly customized and involve deep levels of domain knowledge, location insight, and forensic complexity. 

One decision can severely impact your business. Why risk it?
Learn more in our brochure about how you can focus on your business while KPMG helps improve your capabilities to onboard third parties with confidence and speed, on demand.


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