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KPMG’s Integrity Due Diligence helps protect your business from third-party risk.

By accurately assessing third-parties pre-onboarding, KPMG keeps your reputation safe and your organization guarded from damage. We utilize a unified approach that offers a wide range of due diligence, from rapid assessments to in-depth analysis. With deep-web analytics and machine learning backed by a team of trained forensic professionals, Integrity Due Diligence helps you protect your company from the dangerous hidden factors that casual vetting practices leave unseen.


Assessments for Rapid Approval

Provides risk-based assessment of third-parties for adverse media, litigation, sanctions or politically exposed individuals, to understand and manage high-risk relationships within minutes. Intelligence is provided online and managed through easily identifiable risk screening criteria, leveraging extensive resources and multiple language search capability.

Enhanced Due Diligence

In-depth analysis of your higher risk third-parties through detailed reports leveraging KPMG’s specialized knowledge and experience. Analysis provided in reports created with access to 40,000+ sources, indexing global data across 50+ languages and with in-depth people profiles.  

Investigative Analysis

Deep investigation of third-parties by KPMG forensic specialists with multi-disciplinary backgrounds in financial risks and reputation management encountered in dealing with third parties.

Know your third-parties

During the pre-onboarding phase, there’s only so much you can discover about a third-party entity with surface-level techniques. KPMG’s Third Party Intelligence solution delivers Integrity Due Diligence options from rapid assessments to in-depth analysis. With the most relevant risk information curated and prioritized by trusted KPMG professionals, you’ll make informed decisions regarding your third-party network.



Features and Focus

Screen your third-parties

Before you enter into a business relationship with a third-party we provide you with the right resources and specialized knowledge to be able to assess your third-party environment for reputational and integrity risks. We focus on meeting our clients’ due diligence needs by providing you with the ability to escalate risk assessments and investigation at each step of the way.

Features and benefits

Our multi-tiered solution combines KPMG’s cloud-based technologies with the specialized knowledge of our professionals.

Key Benefits:

  • Assess and vet third-party risk factors across 40,000+ data centers, 20 categories of risk, 50 searchable languages
  • Monitoring of previously completed due diligence
  • Offers scalable delivery—from rapid assessments, delivered within minutes, to enhanced analysis and in-depth investigations
  • Provides a unified approach to solving your due diligence needs
  • Provides deep, empowering insight with iterative and local language research
  • Utilizes machine learning to continually improve accuracy and relevance

Knowedge center

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IDD - Enhanced Due Diligence

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