KPMG Compu-Max: Medicare cost reporting, simplified.

Financial information assemblage, data refinement, report submission, and analytics - Compu-Max delivers a suite of products and services to help increase the efficiency of your cost reporting operations.




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Enhanced cost reporting operations

KPMG Compu-Max offers a sophisticated suite of tools and a user interface that closely resembles the CMS forms to help streamline cost reporting and help ensure accuracy.


Cost reports filed on time

In addition to simplifying complex Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting processes, KPMG Compu-Max can help save time by generating electronic and hard-copy output that align to the CMS forms.

Simplified workpaper preparation

KPMG Compu-Max features ProPapers, a powerful cost report preparation and work paper documentation tool is designed to make it easier to track, reformat, prepare, submit and store reporting data.



Efficiency, Accuracy, and Experience

The healthcare marketplace continues to be an environment of uncertainty and constant change. The introduction of new operating models, M&A, payment reform, technology and regulatory requirements all seem to be moving simultaneously. Through all of this though, one element remains constant - the pressure to continually lower costs and maximize efficiency, especially in back-office operations. 

Compu-Max helps deliver on this need by providing a wide-ranging, CMS-approved suite of solutions tools for all your cost reporting back office functions. Compu-Max gives you the tools to tackle ever-increasing business model complexity and requirements without needing to grow your fixed cost footprint.

Knowledge Center

Healthcare business planning and reimbursement

The U.S. healthcare reimbursement system is changing and today's providers need better cost visibility to keep up. Health plans - Medicare and Medicaid included - are exploring new payment models, which, in turn, are changing the cost equation for providers across the country.

Streamlined cost report preparation and work paper standardization

ProPapers supports fast, accurate population of cost report work papers and seamless export to Medicare cost report submission software, such as Compu-Max Cost Reports. ProPapers is a robust, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-maintain solution.

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