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Powerful insights. Decisive actions. Driving outcomes.

Today’s business problems are complex. Accelerated. And they can’t be solved by people alone.

We employ leading technologies to give you access to the collective knowledge and experience of KPMG in a variety of categories, whenever and wherever required.

Solve with an extra layer of intelligence.

You’ve relied on KPMG to help you address your most complex challenges. We’ve listened and understood your pain points. The pitfalls. The opportunities. Now the deep industry expertise and intellectual capital of thousands of KPMG advisors is embedded into technologies that are collaborative, configurable and put you in control. It’s like having a team of KPMG digital advisors on call, 24/7.

Our on demand services address the complex challenges that can’t be solved by people alone. Integrated into your business, they sift through the array of data, trends and events to up your IQ around focused issues. 

Illuminate the actions you can take—right now.

Our on demand services alert you to the actions you can take that move your organization forward. Highlight the avoidable risk. Spotlight new opportunities. Throw light on the path to peak performance. The result? Clear actions you can take, right now.


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KPMG's on demand services help to improve performance, protect your business and keep your business compliant.



Viability Risk Monitoring

Your third-party network can be subject to economic, geopolitical, and financial threats. Monitor and identify threats in real time, facilitating a timely response – before disruption strikes.

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Contract Performance Management

Identify value leakage from contract commitments by providing visibility to critical issues related to effective oversight and governance of contracts across analytics, contract compliance and actionable workflow management. 

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Integrity Due Diligence

Be armed with accurate, actionable and relevant risk information so that you can make informed decisions on what third-parties to onboard into your business network.

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Cyber Security IAM

IAM (Identity and Access Management) – Protect your business and information assets. Through customization, integration, and policy development, this outcome- based service helps optimize your IAM capabilities and manages them over time. 

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Leasing Tool

As lease accounting standards change, automate speed and compliance in your accounting change journey.  

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SOX On Demand

Accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s SOX program with KPMG’s on demand service so you can focus on more strategic priorities. 

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Financial information assemblage, data refinement, report submission, and analytics to help increase the efficiency of your company's cost reporting operations.    

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Tom Wilde

Tom Wilde

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Jorge Blanco

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US

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David Brown

Principal, Advisory, Managed Services, KPMG US

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