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Maximize and accelerate the impact of marketing

Today's CMO must navigate an increasingly complex world with higher stakes and pressure to demonstrate the value marketing delivers to the business.

Marketers are tasked with meeting evolving customer demands, reacting quickly to market disruptions and trends, and leveraging technology to scale content and remain agile, all while minimizing risk and maximizing financial results.

The role of marketers is constantly evolving in response to today’s pressures, and marketers are struggling to address these challenges head-on:

Maximizing the value of marketing investments

Creating a unified customer experience across channels

Leveraging data and insights to meet customer and business needs


Future of marketing

Marketers must continue to embrace the transformation of their role; incorporating tomorrow’s strategies – today.

How marketers remain ahead of the curve

Today’s marketers have many plates to spin – we help them use this momentum as a growth engine.

KPMG focuses on 3 key capabilities to help you successfully manage supply chains through uncertainty:
Visibility, Analytics and Planning


See it

Gain visibility across the end-to-end supply chain to foresee potential problems and maximize opportunity.

KPMG helps you: 

  • Work collaboratively so you can see what customers, suppliers and logistics partners see
  • Use data (external signals and internal data sources), AI/ML, accelerators, methodologies, frameworks, and advanced modelling to make better, more informed decisions


Analyze it 

Employ data strategically to predict the impact of every scenario. Gain a 360-degree view into profitability. Identify gaps and route causes for delays and potential solutions.

KPMG helps you:

  • Build the model answer with our technology-agnostic analytics platform
  • Collate data—raw, structured, unstructured—and share robust insights and recommendations
  • Use advanced modeling and analytics to unlock hidden opportunities beyond human analysis
  • Explore scenarios to help mitigate risk


Plan it

Gain integrated planning capabilities to drive collaboration between demand, supply and production. Ensure alignment across the extended supply chain. Improve cross-functional collaboration and optimize capacity, logistics and network planning.

KPMG helps you:

  • Employ winning strategies and strong governance frameworks
  • Implement a short, mid-term and long-term roadmap
  • Explore short-term, accurate demand, supply and production scenarios
  • Develop mid- and long-term, proven S&OP/E and IBP capabilities
  • Implement operating models and technologies for demand-driven, insight-led supply chains 


We help CMOs see across their entire marketing organization and provide unique insights into how marketers can get buy-in and deliver ROI.

Customer orchestration

We lead teams to meet their customers where they are, helping them to enable their MarTech as a creative driver to deliver the seamless experience that customers demand.


We help teams quantify and understand how every marketing dollar is being used to maximize ROI and communicate marketing’s business impact.

The KPMG approach 

We embolden marketing teams with the insight they need to build trust, transform their organizations, and seize new opportunities. Our team of functional and industry specialists can address your marketing needs from strategy through execution.

Technology enablement is a key component of every marketing initiative

Our comprehensive solutions are driven by innovative technology from industry-leading companies like:

Aprimo            Google Cloud Microsoft    
Salesforce Uptempo                   

KPMG strategic alliances are key to helping you achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Our alliance ecosystem is designed to address marketers’ top challenges and opportunities. By combining forces with leading services and technology providers, we enable you to maximize and communicate the value of marketing.

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