KPMG Managed Services

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Operating with efficiency, leading with opportunities

Businesses use value-added, subscription-based services for three core reasons:


Cost savings




Faster service delivery times


Managed services help to accelerate your business transformation, all while minimizing disruption and risk. 


 say their organizations currently outsource more than half of their IT, risk/cyber security, and business performance to managed service providers


 expect their organizations to increase spending on managed services over the next two years


expect an increase in the need for ESG reporting and transparency services 

Source: HFS & KPMG Managed Services Outlook, 4Q 2021

You have more important things to focus on—from short-term objectives to long-term plans. We become an extension of your team to:  

Improve stakeholder trust

Counting on the highest transaction and service execution standards for your customers has never been more vital. Trust is also critical to your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) posture, and vital for enterprise resilience. Advance your business with confidence.

Translate insights into action

Where are your key opportunities to improve profitable growth? How efficient is your fraud function compared to competitors? We use data-driven analytics to support improved decision-making and uncover the opportunity in complexity.

Access specialized talent

Partnering can help define a company’s future, allowing a business to tap into skillsets and knowledge that complement internal capabilities. Our high global standards for training, credentialing, and executing will enable you to broaden skills in a flexible structure. 

Achieve change, seamlessly

New technologies and processes can significantly impact behavior, culture, and performance. We bring savvy change management, knowing that it can spell the difference between transformation success and failure.



Effective business transformation is more than technology

It requires the right combination of drivers and an understanding of the interplay and dependencies. That’s why these key pillars inform everything we do:


Technology enablement

KPMG Managed Services include solutions from ERP to cloud-based process automation, to AI and data/analytics, offered on leading global technology platforms and backed by credentialed technology specialists.


We bring together preconfigured components, technology accelerators, market-tested implementation roadmaps, and access to real-time operational data to leapfrog generic hurdles and move quickly to your objectives.



Domain knowledge

Our industry-focused capabilities draw on recognized areas of KPMG excellence, including cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and risk consulting. We understand your business, your technology, and your industry.

Operational excellence

KPMG Managed Services have been shown to reduce total operational costs by 15-45%. Our tailored quality assurance framework yields 95% and higher first-time quality scores. You can feel confident in our ability to help grow and protect your business.



Managed services: A new value proposition

A look at the latest trends based on conversations with 800 global executives


Stabilizing your future amid a constantly shifting landscape

Our high-net promotion scores (CSAT) indicate a client experience that goes beyond cost arbitrage—we’ve met or exceeded 99% of Service Level Agreements.


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