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Accelerate your transformation

Use managed services to drive transformation at the speed of business

Accelerated transformation is the key to sustained advantage—but it’s not a fixed destination. By the time you get there, “there” has already moved on.

Managed services can help continually evolve your business functions to keep up with ever-changing targets while hitting key stops along the way.

At KPMG, our managed services solutions go far beyond the classic models of labor arbitrage and transactional services. We work with you to:

  • Operationalize your growth ambition
  • Minimize disruption and risk
  • Accelerate your transformation journey

Are you taking advantage of managed services?


of organizations plan to increase spending on managed services in the next two years.


use managed services for more than half their work in IT, cybersecurity, risk, and business performance.


expect an increased need for ESG reporting and transparency services.

Managed services: A new value proposition

See the latest trends based on a study of 800 global executives.


Managed services that go beyond

KPMG Managed Services combines advanced technology, deep functional and sector expertise, and operational excellence for knowledge-intensive processes across your enterprise. We offer it on a subscription, as-a-service basis—with predictable costs, any-shore delivery, and the option to flex up or down to meet fast-changing needs.

As your transformation partner, we guide you in the ongoing journey, often into uncharted territory:

Beyond the back office

The opportunities for sustainable transformation exist in high-value areas throughout your business—both noncore and core, in the front, middle, and back office. That’s why our services reach across the spectrum, from cyber detection and response to third-party risk management, customer due diligence, and cloud applications management. 

Beyond cost savings

Our scalable services aim to cut your total cost of operations by 15 to 45 percent, and that’s just the beginning. With deep domain knowledge, data management, and smart analytics, we help you tap new kinds of outcomes, such as faster speed to market, improved forecasting, stakeholder trust, and operational resilience.

Beyond tech alone

The most successful transformations are tech-enabled but strategy-led. So we bring the right technology, plus renowned expertise across functions, processes, and industries, plus strong experience in change management. Working together, we help you define your vision and operationalize it, so you can gain—and sustain—competitive advantage.


Deliver operational excellence throughout your ongoing transformation journey

Instead of just lifting and shifting a process, we continually enhance it while creating a superior experience for you-- marked by quality, expertise, speed, and innovation. Our high-net promotion scores (CSAT) indicate a client experience that goes beyond to help you actualize business outcomes faster. Our track record includes


first-time quality scores


of service level agreements met or exceeded in recent months


Accelerate your future amid a constantly shifting landscape

The best managed services are not tactical add-ons. They are forethoughts in transformation—part of the redesign, rebuilding, and continued improvement of operations. See how KPMG helps companies create successful operating models through managed services.

How KPMG supports your accelerated transformation:

Inspire stakeholder trust

When you earn the trust of customers, regulators, investors, and other stakeholders, you earn their permission to advance the business with confidence. Trust is also vital for your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) posture.

Translate insights into action

Where are your key opportunities for profitable growth? How efficient is your fraud function compared to competitors? Our data-driven analytics help you make strategic and operational decisions.

Access specialized talent

Do you have a talent mix that can flex to meet changing priorities? Use our domain expertise, credentials, and sector-specific knowledge to support your growth ambition.

Manage change

New technologies and processes can significantly impact behavior, culture, and performance, so we bring savvy change management capabilities that can spell the difference between transformation success and failure.

Let's talk

To create sustained advantage, our managed services are transformational, not transactional. Let’s discuss ways to operationalize your growth ambition.

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David Brown

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