KPMG Managed Detection and Response

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The digital environment leaves us all exposed. Not only can it result in disruption of business operations, but it can cause significant financial and reputational damage.

The KPMG Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution proactively detects, responds, and contains threats effectively and efficiently, providing you with the security resources, technology and relevant insights how and when you need it. We provide tailored managed services to achieve the best possible outcome around when threats are detected, continuously make recommendations as your business needs change. This approach leverages our deep knowledge and experience, matched with leading technology to provide measurable and scalable outcomes through innovative techniques such as continuous monitoring, hunting, and threat intelligence.

A breach lifecycle under 200 days costs $1million less than a lifecycle over 200 days

- “Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2020” IBM

Stop threats before they disrupt business

We provide MDR support in your environment and provide access to our industry specialists who can help address the threats you experience today – and in the future – head on. Our solution offers:

Single pane of glass view

We provide enhanced visibility and an accurate view into your security posture at all times. You can gain full threat visibility with deeper correlation and investigation capability, providing you with unparalleled response and reducing time to containment.

Rapid deployment and response

With proactive and real-time threat hunting, you can have greater visibility on threats, better detection capabilities, and swifter ability to respond and make more confident security decisions.


Hyper care support

You get access to the wider KPMG Advisory team of over 2,000 specialists and a white glove concierge approach to customer experience and support, as well as named resources who develop relevant understanding of your unique business needs.

Complete data sovereignty

All work is carried out in your tenant and data is always kept in your environment. MDR is delivered in the cloud ensuring your multi-tenant, hybrid, on-prem, multi-cloud global footprint adheres to local data regulations.


Agnostic integration

You can realize more value from your current security controls, and secure greater protection across cloud, hybrid and on-premises and beyond with environments at scale across users, devices and applications.

30 day onboarding and offboarding

We offer dedicated and hands-on rapid onboarding, and our 100% cloud native service enables seamless integration into your existing environment.


Human powered enablement of leading technology to fight evolving threats

We help to strengthen your security posture with advanced automation detection capabilities. Our MDR solution is powered by machine learning, AI, and data analytics, to enhance identification and containment of malicious behavior.

The KPMG difference

  • Skilled and flexible resources
    Operations are managed by a highly skilled cyber practitioners and benefit from economies of scale.

  • Visibility, detection, prevention
    Rapid deployment to accelerate cloud adoption, better view of threat landscape and earlier identification.

  • Lower, predictable costs
    A consistent monthly cost provides predictable operational costs and reliability.

  • Reduced risk
    Greater focus on detecting malicious behavior improves threat posture, MTTD and MTTR of critical security systems reducing overall adversary Dwell time.

  • Support throughout your journey
    Designed to provide significant benefit from day one, while ensuring your operations are managed and supported throughout your security journey.

  • Automation, advanced analytics
    KPMG continuously evolves automated detection capabilities with customized, prescriptive, action-oriented alerts, use cases, content, and SOAR capabilities.

KPMG cyber managed services solutions are strategic by design. Our practitioners provide support for your cybersecurity programs from strategy and transformation all the way through to managed services. It’s no secret that the way we do business has changed; it’s also no secret that with digital transformation comes an increasing security risk.

The digital environment leaves everyone exposed. By providing the best of human and the best of tech, KPMG can give you the confidence to get on with business knowing cyber threats are being responded to in real time, by real people.

Are you protected from every angle?

Our people

Tarun Sondhi

Tarun Sondhi

Principal, Advisory, KPMG Managed Services, KPMG US