KPMG Intelligence Platform

The KPMG Intelligence Platform enables better decision making and helps create long-term value with deep, rapid insights through advanced data and analytics.


Executives today need to make smarter, faster decisions.

Whether it’s identifying and executing the right deal under pressure or setting the stage for enterprise-wide performance improvement, decision makers must have a reliable way to uncover game changing insights ahead of the competition. 

Ultimately, for all executives it’s about achieving transformative outcomes, and success depends on accelerated decision-making that delivers value creation and a stronger portfolio.

The KPMG Intelligence Platform is a data and analytics capability designed to serve both operating companies and private equity firms. It is custom-built for speed and is continuously innovated upon to deliver on a dealmaker’s transaction needs from beginning to end, and to help drive enterprise growth initiatives.

The KPMG Intelligence Platform is an enabler that powers our Deal Advisory and Strategy services, but what really sets it apart are the people who use it, the data they have access to, and the technology it’s built on.

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People: KPMG U.S. has more than 3,000 professionals who are fully trained to leverage the platform. They team with industry-savvy analytics and data science specialists to quickly translate insights into tailored outcomes for clients.

Data: The team has access to proprietary data from thousands of transactions that can serve as business-critical benchmarks, as well as to a combination of licensed and publicly available data sources. We invest more than $5 million annually in over 70 sector-specific data sources to provide our clients with unique industry insights.

Technology: The cloud-based platform is supported by continuous innovation and built on market-leading analytics software. Most importantly, it was built for speed, with pre-configured modules for each client sector and proprietary tools to address client needs. The result is consistent, enterprise-level, data-processing power, faster results, and trusted security via Microsoft Azure.

It is time to embrace the newest advancements in technology-powered human thinking. Let the KPMG Intelligence Platform equip you with the future-focused insights needed to make your most important decisions.

Our people

Nathan Saegesser

Nathan Saegesser

Principal, Financial Due Diligence, KPMG US

Gregg Soroka

Gregg Soroka

Partner, Financial Due Diligence, KPMG US