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KPMG Elevate assists clients with defining and delivering rapid EBITDA improvement using a data-driven approach to identifying, quantifying and implementing opportunities.


KPMG Elevate: Rigorous, Rapid, Real partnership, Results driven

In today’s competitive environment, businesses need to constantly reassess their performance and trajectory.

Market challenges may be impacting growth, deleveraging costs or squeezing margins. Regardless of the specifics, businesses can benefit from a data-driven analysis to understand: What is trending in the right direction, where is money being made, and what issues need to be addressed? 

KPMG Elevate assists clients in defining and delivering rapid EBITDA improvement. Our approach incorporates two steps. First, we perform a bottoms-up assessment using sophisticated data and analytics to understand your business, identify problem areas and evaluate identified improvement opportunities. Next, we work closely with you to implement measurable improvements to capture the identified value. During this second step, you’ll benefit from working with a firm that knows how to get things done, from strategy through implementation.

Our evaluation will delve into areas such as:

  • What segments, channels and geographies are performing as expected?
  • Is there a clear, realistic vision for the go-forward plan?
  • Are new, disruptive competitors impacting performance?
  • Are key expense lines deleveraging? Is growth slowing?
  • What tangible actions need to be taken to improve our performance?

KPMG Elevate services focus on two areas:

Commercial opportunity

We use a growth-oriented approach to help identify new markets, products or services. We look for opportunities that leverage your core expertise and unlock new segments to accelerate top line growth.

Commercial effectiveness

We take a data-driven, investor lens to identify measurable improvements to your operating margin, cost structure and working capital.

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Adam Pollak

Adam Pollak

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